Our mission. Empower the storyteller in
all of us.

Life is shared in stories, and we are driven by the art of storytelling. Stories span time, distance, and generations. Stories inspire — they impact the individual and the collective. With storytelling, we have the power to shape our world. Stories move us, so we’ve made our mission to move storytelling forward.

Our mission

Empower the storyteller in all of us
We are a close-knit team of dreamers and doers, who firmly believe in the power and light of storytelling. As a way of preserving culture, as a vehicle for social change, or to simply be heard, the art and science of storytelling is formidable.
The world is shaped by people and the stories they tell. We’re passionately supporting those who seek to make the world better.

Life is too short. A smile, a laugh, and some tears make the world of a difference.

Responsibly designing for people, not users. We are always here to listen, to learn, and to problem solve through understanding and perspective-talking.

See also: tenacity, perseverence. Our grit is driven by our collective passion to storytell and empower other storytellers.

A good story
Expresses our beliefs, our values, our motives, our goals. A good story inspires, impacts, and moves the world forward.