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Social Media News Roundup: June 2022

Tara Purswani
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Social Media News Roundup: June 2022

Welcome to our monthly Social Media News Roundup. The world of social media is constantly changing. To keep you up to speed, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 biggest social media news announcements from each month. This edition features the highlights from June of 2022.

1. Twitter Integrates with Shopify to Boost eCommerce

Twitter has created a separate app for its users to connect their Twitter account to their Shopify admin, making it possible for Shopify merchants to display a carousel of products on their Twitter Professional Profiles. Upon tapping a product, users will be redirected to the merchants Shopify product page for purchasing.

Shopify x Twitter
Image Source: Twitter for Business

2. YouTube Rolls Out “Second Screening” Viewing Experience

Now you can watch YouTube content on your big screen while interacting with the same content on your mobile device to read the video description, explore the comment section, or share the video. Social platforms have been eager to make second screening happen for some time, and YouTube is paving the way. Down the line, viewers may even be able to tap merchandise in the video for purchasing options.

Second Screening on YouTube
Image source: YouTube blog

3. Meta Announces Updates for Facebook Reels

Reels are a top priority for Meta on both Instagram and Facebook. Reels were previously 60 seconds and from now on 90 seconds is the max. Meta creators will be able to create and edit videos using Creator Studio and have access to the same familiar interactive tools from IG Reels such as poll, quiz, and emoji slider stickers to boost engagement. This is all in an effort to change the feed experience on Facebook to favor short form video content.

Meta for Creators
Image source: Meta for Creators

4. TikTok’s First Subscription Series 

The TikTok Creator Fund has faced issues building a system that properly compensates and credits creators. But now they are hosting a first-ever subscription series to experiment with a new stream of income on the platform. The creator, Jericho Mencke (2M followers) will launch an eight-part LIVE comedy series of 30-minute videos. Followers can subscribe to the season for $4.99. This could be the beginning of TikTok TV.

@jercho1 ALS ice bucket challenge😭🙌 w/ @frankiesfun @josh1morris and @lilyachty ♬ original sound - Jericho Mencke

5. LinkedIn Study Reveals Most Effective Content

According to Social Insider, it turns out that native documents such as PDFs uploaded to the site get 3x more clicks than any other type of post. Typically, infographics, it is popular to display these documents in carousel posts. For small to mid-sized accounts, videos generate the highest engagement per impression.

6. TikTok Launches Digital Avatars for Use in TikTok Clips

TikTok is joining the Metaverse shift and now has 3D avatar creation tools located in the effects panel of the app. Avatars will behave like a digitals puppets—responding to your movements as you record video. Miniature versions of avatars are also an option and can be used as an overlay on existing content which could be a creative tool for animating voiceover such as talking points, tutorials, reactions, or directions.

7. Livestream Commerce at YouTube’s Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube is working hard to build more commerce elements into the app and is targeting the beauty market with a livestream event. Beauty Fest 2022 features celebrities and influencers like Gwen Stefani and Kehlani to create buzz. Viewers will be able to shop products during the beauty festival directly through the app.

8. LinkedIn Rolls Out Audio Rooms in Creator Mode

LinkedIn is focusing on tools for users to build a following such as newsletters, live streams, and now audio events. First tested in January, the feature is now available to all Creator Mode users, along with a link in bio, motivating speakers to host events to drive traffic to their website.

9. TikTok Takes Steps to Improve Digital Wellbeing

TikTok is set up to keep you glued to the app. Lately, many social media sites have taken steps improve well being by offering tools and features to make people more aware of their usage. TikTok has added screen time breaks and dashboard for monitoring your screen time. Being that these tools are optional, it is up to the user to take advantage of them. 

10. Twitter Announces ‘Innovators’ Ad Agency Awards for 2022

Not too different than the Twitter Brand Bowl Awards, Twitter is recognizing brands with outstanding advertising campaigns along with tweet guidance for other brands and ad agencies. Agency Roadshows will take place in Singapore, New York, London, and France. The winners are announced in December 2022 according to the following categories

  • Best Launch Campaign, 
  • Best Connect Campaign
  • Best Conversion Campaign
  • Best Social Impact Campaign
  • Innovator of the Year


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

July 4, 2022

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