Case Study: BlueTickSocial Helps Build Brands with UNUM

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Case Study: BlueTickSocial Helps Build Brands with UNUM

The UNUM Cloud platform is used by marketing teams and individuals, influencers, and creators building brands online. We had the opportunity to speak with some of them and get insight into how UNUM has helped their business grow.

Yasmine Khosrowshahi, founder and CEO, and Lane Tower, social media strategist, of BlueTickSocial, are working to amplify the voice of a strong marketing approach across industries. BlueTickSocial serves medium to large-sized companies across over fifteen different industries from food and beverage, to medical, to cannabis testing labs. BueTickSocial targets brands seeking growth.

Yasmine Khosrowshahi and Lane Tower
Yasmine and Lane

From personal to professional

Yasmine began using UNUM for her personal social media management prior to the inception of her agency. This made the onboarding of UNUM into her professional life very seamless.

The nature of the UNUM hub has provided the BlueTickSocial team with unlimited access and collaboration.

BlueTickSocial’s main pain point was having to plan posts across multiple social channels. UNUM Publish, the most recent feature under UNUM Cloud, allows them to do this with the help of one cohesive tool as it offers scheduled auto-posting directly from the UNUM Design hub.

The UNUM K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Simple on Social)

App integration and simplicity are key goals for BlueTickSocial. In using other apps, Lane expressed the inability to post stories back-to-back. UNUM satisfied this need with the ability to schedule multiple posts for the same time slot.

Lane shares that UNUM’s feed design tool is used everyday for their clients. While mostly for cultivating grid aesthetics, they are able to directly upload their clients’ own content and easily provide a preview of their future grid.

BlueTickSocial clients
Just a few BlueTickSocial clients.
“With unlimited access, we add team members by email and each member can access all of the clients’ accounts from our UNUM hub.”

What's your story?

Is UNUM helping you or your clients kill it on social! We want to hear about it.

October 28, 2021

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