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Essential Events for Your July Social Media Calendar

Tara Purswani
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Essential Events for Your July Social Media Calendar

At UNUM, we’re always looking ahead. So, each month we’ll deliver a list of events, holidays, and must-knows along with hashtags and post ideas to keep your social media feeds fresh for the month ahead. 

Welcome to the July edition.

July highlights include Picnic Month, Lipstick Day, and World Emoji Day, just to name a few. Not sure how to incorporate them into your social media strategy? We’ll show you!

National Ice Cream Month 

National Ice Cream Day is July 21st

Brought to you by the International Dairy Foods Association, this is an appreciation for one of America’s favorite confections: ice cream. Have fun with this hashtag holiday throughout the month. Food influencers can teach their audience how to make their own ice cream—(vegan included)—or get creative with toppings.

#NationalIceCreamMonth #NationalIceCreamDay #icecream #gelato #icecreamlover #icecreamcone #icecreamtime #veganicecream #icecreamlovers #sundae #gelateria #yummy

@morgan.raum Happy national ice cream day 🍦 📍 Republic of Booza, Brooklyn #nycfood #nyclife #foodtiktok #foodontiktok #tiktokfoodie ♬ Pretty young twearkalator - ✨yUh✨

National Picnic Month

Picnics are symbolic of summer—people enjoying a spread in a scenic park. This imagery is a powerful tool for marketing because it evokes nostalgia, and feelings of being carefree and relaxed. Many e-commerce brands can market products in a picnic setting with short-form video content—food items, beverages, apparel, and more. 

Or consider taking your staff out for an employee outing for some behind-the-scenes content—you can even attract talent for open positions by showing off company culture. 

Influencers can share recipes for picnic dishes like potato salad or create a fun carousel post showing step-by-step how to put together the perfect picnic basket with your favorite cheeses, charcuterie, or vegetarian snacks.

#picnic #nationalpicnicmonth #picnicbasket #picnictime #picnicfoods #cheeseandwine #potatosalad #foodie

This realtor partnered with a luxury picnic service for a giveaway:

National Postal Workers Day

July 1st

DYK? The term “going postal” originated after a series of 20 workplace rage incidents occurring during the ‘90s within USPS. This turned out to be a fraction of workplace rage in America, and it gave birth to the work-life balance movement. 

There is a ton of educational content to be created about the history of USPS if you want scalable content. But if you are going to create a single post, do this: A random act of kindness. 

Record a video of yourself or a friend surprising a postal worker with a gift or cash tip (they are allowed by federal law to receive gifts up to $20 in value). They work incredibly hard and deserve your thanks. Kindness pranks, as they are also called, are infectiously heartwarming and have a chance of going viral

#NationalPostalWorkersDay #postalworkerday #USPS #postalworkers #thankapostalworker

This postal worker on TikTok is pretty entertaining. You’re welcome.

@vintage_amelia #answer to @im_siowei 5.7 M views? 🤯 who knew this dumb video blow up 😂 but thank you for all the love 💌 and I’m still not the reason your mail is late 😘 #EveryKiss #YerAWizard #maillady #viral #FritoLayRickRoll #momof5 #singlemom #fypシ ♬ COMMA$ - Curtis Roach

Independence Day

July 4th 

In the week leading up to Fourth of July posts social media assets that reflect celebration with family, friends, and neighbors leaning into visuals with red, white, and blue; stars and stripes; and fireworks. Offer a discount code, run a sale, or feature Fourth of July–themed products. 

#happyfourthofjuly #america #fourthofjuly #independenceday #independence #usa #4thofjuly #partyintheusa #redwhiteandbuzzed #redwhiteandbrews #chilloutwithyourgrillout #babyyoureafirework

This vintage rental service teamed up with a local photographer to offer Fourth of July–themed photography sessions:

International Essential Oils Day 

July 11th

Chemical fragrances and scents contain carcinogens and have been proven to be linked to cancers according to the FDA. As a result, essential oils have become mainstream and many products from shampoo to candles to aftershave are now scented with EOs. 

If you sell products that contain EOs, this is your time to shine. Otherwise, consider giving a boost to your favorite brand or products that steer clear of synthetic fragrances. 

Create an Instagram Reel, Facebook Reel, or TikTok video with an essential oil tip—for instance, add 5 drops of lavender EO to a dirty sock just before you throw your laundry into the washing machine.

#InternationalEssentialOilsDay #essentialoils #EO

This TikToker takes advantage of a trending sound:

French Fries Day

July 13th

There are quite a few hashtag holidays in July to celebrate foods we love, and it’s an easy way to theme your content calendar. Create a harmlessly polarizing Instagram Story with the caption Happy French Fries Day! Do you dip your fries in ketchup or mayo? And use the poll sticker to boost engagement. 

#frenchfries #fries #frenchfriesday #happyfrenchfriesday

This MD and wellness influencer creates content to show her personality:

Mac and Cheese Day

July 14th 

Most Americans have a memory of enjoying mac and cheese as a kid, and over recent years it has evolved into a grown-up foodie-approved dish. There are restaurants whose menus are exclusively mac and cheese with a gourmet twist. 

When it comes to content you could compare two boxed brands of mac and cheese or try to make a gourmet recipe from scratch and post the video on TikTok, and challenge others to make their own. Be sure to get a shot of the #cheesepull.

#macncheese #macandcheese #cheese #pasta #foodstagram #soulfood #foodie #foodporn #cheesy #cheespull #comfortfood

@mattpeterson_ Say cheese because today I’m only eating MAC AND CHEESE @devouringsouls0 #macandcheese #cheese #cheesy #foryou #fyp #viral #challenge #food #hotcheeto ♬ Body - Megan Thee Stallion

Pet Fire Safety Day 

July 15th 

People love their pets and cute animal content always wins points. Pet care brands should have a strategy to educate their audience about pet fire safety, especially with fires increasing due to global warming. All other brands and influencers can certainly participate with a fire safety tip—just remember to include a cute animal.

#petfiresafety #petfiresafetyday

National Clean Beauty Day

July 15

Clean beauty is a movement to produce skincare, makeup, and hair care products from healthful, all-natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free ingredients for humans and the environment. Beauty influencers and brands would be wise to create content specific to this theme. Review a list of your favorite clean beauty products. Don’t forget to tag the brand.

#cleanbeautyday #cleanbeauty #allnaturalbeauty #fragrancefreebeauty #crueltyfreebeauty #sustainablebeauty Today is National Clean Beauty Day! No harmful ingredients here! ALL of our products are made with all-natural ingredients to compliment your natural beauty. 🧡 #cleanbeauty #nationalcleanbeautyday #latinaownedbusiness #smallbusiness #cleanbeautyproducts #nopal ♬ To be real Austin millz remix - Tahj

World Emoji Day 

July 17th 

Emojis are a language of their own and they augment the written word in texts, emails, and on social media. When communication went digital, the tone was inherently lost, and we have emojis to thank for bringing more emotion to our words.

Every emoji has a story—how it was proposed and approved, what it means to a group of people, and the multiple meanings it may have such as the 🤌mano a borsa aka pinched fingers emoji

#emoji #emojis #worldemojiday 

Actionable tips like recipes like this one are perfect to drive engagement:

National Hot Dog Day 

July 20th 

Hot dogs are an all-American food associated with baseball, county fairs, boardwalks, french fries, and more. Tap into the summer nostalgia of hot dogs by celebrating National Hot Dog Day. 

Restaurants should feature hot dogs in creative ways on their menus. Any other brands and influencers can create “food porn” videos showing followers how they order and eat your hot dog. Or, you can also take a trip into the past with educational content about how the hot dog rose to meteoric success.

#hotdog #hotdogs #foodporn #foodie #hotdoglovers #yummy #delicious #hotdoggourmet #foodlover #corndog

International Chess Day

July 20th

Thanks to Netflix, everyone and their mother knows the name of at least one chess opening, The Queens Gambit. Whether you are obsessed with chess, or simply know the basics of the game you can create content for July 20th. 

Record yourself and a friend setting a chessboard and playing a game and use the social media apps editing tools to speed up the video. At the very least you can react to your favorite clip from the Queen's Gambit using GIPHY Clips on TikTok.

#Chess #chessday #InternationaChessDay #TheQueensGambit #chessgame

Netflix, we see what you did there. 

National Cousins Day

July 24th 

Create posts with high shareability such as quotes, memes, or GIFs about cousins. When searching for GIFs, find cousins from popular TV shows such as Bridgerton, Here are some quote ideas:

  • “A grandparent’s house is where cousins become best friends.”
  • “Cousins by blood. Friends by choice.”
  • “Cousins, because parent’s couldn’t handle us as siblings.”

Stellar storytelling caption by Juniper Photography:

National Wine and Cheese Day

July 26th

This match made in heaven can be the inspiration for so many social media posts. It’s a no-brainer to gather with besties or your boo, pop open a bottle of wine and put out a cheese board. 

Try various pairings and show your reactions in a series of Instagram Stories. Or you can do Shared Snap Stories and invite others to participate—their Stories will be connected to yours and you will reach their followers, too!

#wineandcheese #wine #cheeseboard #cheese #winelover #charcuterieboard #winetasting #winelovers #cheeseandwine #cheeselover #cheeseplatter #foodie #cheeseplate

@consumingcouple Never run out of wine or cheese with !! #Partner Use Code CONSUMINGCOUPLE20 for $20 of your first order! #GorillasApp #ThisIsGorillas #ThisIsGorillas #winenight #wineandcheese #nycfood #cheeseboard#charcuterie ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

National Aunt and Uncle Day

July 26th

Piggybacking off of Cousins Day, create posts people will save or share such as quotes to appreciate the presence of aunts and uncles in our lives. Include a CTA to tag a favorite aunt or uncle. Ecommerce brands can offer a discount code to encourage gift giving. Here is a quote/caption idea:

  • “Only my aunt and uncle can give me a hug like my parents’ and keep secrets like my siblings.”

#Auntanduncleday #aunt #uncle #niece #nephew 

National Lipstick Day

July 29 

Established by beauty influencer, Huda Kattan, in 2016, lipstick encourages social media users to wear their favorite lipstick color and show it off in their feed. Beauty Influencers can take it further with lipstick application tutorials or by imitating famous looks such as Marilyn Monroe’s classic red lippy.

#lipstick #lipstickday #nationallipstickday #lipsticklook #lipstickcolor #mylipstickcolor 

Love the educational content, girl:

@makeupbyalissiac #ad Celebrating #NationalLipstickDay with an iconic @revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick that you need in your makeup collection!! #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - ALISSIA

National Avocado Day

July 31st 

Avocados first became available in the U.S. in the 1950s and besides guacamole you’ll find them on burgers, in salads, in smoothies, and even on toast. Avocados are everywhere you turn, and the popular, creamy, high-fat fruit deserves its own holiday. 

Leading up to avocado day, restaurants should feature avocado in creative ways on their summer menus. Many beauty products now contain avocado, so beauty influencers can hop on this too, with videos starring favorite avocado masks or creams.

#avocado #avocados #avocadolover #guacamole #avovadotoast #aguacate

National Disability Independence Day 

July 26th

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed on July 26th, 1990, and it resulted in many changes over the years including

  • Protection from employment discrimination 
  • Structural changes to buildings for accessibility such as wider doorways
  • Public space modifications to improve mobility and safety such as audible crosswalk signals
  • New technology to improve access to information and to make devices more useful to sight and hearing-impaired individuals 

Take this opportunity to make sure your business or organization is accessible in every way possible, even your website: make sure you have image descriptions, which are picked up by screen readers. Another approach is visibility—include a person with a disability in your advertising. 


Also, share videos like this to your channels to amplify the voices of people with disabilities:

@livv.stone These are some helpful items that I use when cooking! When being disabled independence is key and I’m stoked I got to figure these obstacles out! 🍯🥫😜 #disabilitytiktok #disabilityawareness #fyp #adaptandovercome #limbdifference #limbdifferenceawareness #congenitalamputee ♬ State Lines - Novo Amor

International Day of Friendship

July 30th

From the United Nations website: The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

What a lovely concept! If you are running a local business, use storytelling to show your audience how you have forged relationships or alliances within your community through a series of short-form videos. 

In 2019 BTS partnered with UNICEF to release a video for International Day of Friendship to end violence at schools and the message is still going strong:


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Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

June 16, 2022

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