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The Top TikTok Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

Emma Levin
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The Top TikTok Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

Are you scratching your head over the most popular TikTok trends? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s hard to keep track of what’s trending on the world’s most downloaded app. Staying off the app for even a day means missing out on the biggest trends, memes, and marketing opportunities. 

Thankfully, these trends rarely go out of style. Offering a new twist on a beloved trend could earn you tons of new fans and followers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into your creativity; who knows? You too could become an overnight viral sensation.

Why do these trends matter?

Don’t underestimate the power of TikTok for your next social media strategy. Almost 90% of its users access it on a daily basis. You can take advantage of these trends to promote your business, brand, or even yourself. 

TikTok videos tell a story, and users love it when creators are authentic (relatable), creative (entertaining), and impactful (memorable). If you study the app and plan your videos accordingly, you too could become a TikTok master.

# 1 Anything can be a #albumcover

Views: 4.6 billion 

The album cover challenge is a unique way to flaunt your photography skills. The trend makes fun of random, edgy album covers. In the above video, this candle carver offers a behind-the-scenes look into her business, mainly its chaotic, messy side. By showing off the strange and peculiar side of her products, she’s generated interest in them. Not to mention, a blast of crazy color always makes for a good video. So, put on your favorite album, brush up on your photography skills, and start snapping pics.

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #albumcover
Song: Hiiipower x DIAND or Money by The Drums
Extra: Add an 'explicit content’ logo over pictures

#2 Turning things into inspirational quotes

@c_kurowski What are some other good ones that you wrote on an exam?! #InspirationalQuotes #chemistry #chem ♬ A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Views: 700.7 million 

Have you ever seen those random inspirational quotes hung on office walls? You know, the ones with the word PERSEVERANCE written above a rock climber? In this trend, Vanessa Carlton sets the scene for users to share their weirdest or most hateful comments as inspirational quotes. It’s an ideal opportunity to poke fun at yourself or your business. 

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #inspirationalquotes

Song: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton 

#3 Meet the friend group/No Roots

Views: 4.2 million 

It’s time to put those embarrassing photographs of your friends to good use. Similar to the Pass the Phone trend, this challenge introduces a group of people to your online community. Use this trend to introduce coworkers, longtime friends, animals, or even your best selling products. Make sure to choose a hilarious photo and share what makes that person stand out.

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #meetthefriendgroup
Song: No Roots by Alice Merton 

#4 Pack an order with me

Views: 3.4 billion 

These videos fall under ASMR, or relaxing and satisfying sounds. A business will pack a customer’s order, amplifying the sound of their products and packaging, which can be very satisfying to hear. Brands can use this trend to call attention to new products or recently purchased orders, inspiring buyers to do the same!

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #PackingOrders
Song: No song or one of your choice! 

#5 I’ll never forget you

@mommademagic we’re so glad you’re back again, we’ll never forget you! 🥰 @disneyparks #disneyprincess #princesstiana #cinderella #disneyland ♬ Never Forget You - Noisettes

Views: 646.1 million 

This trend can either tug at your heartstrings or call someone out. Tread carefully! But usually, it  recognizes someone who has made a lasting impact on your life. Maybe it’s your first customer, finest employee, or the first dollar your business ever made. Customers like seeing themselves appreciated, and could ask to be featured on your TikTok! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show some love.

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #illneverforgetyou
Song: Never Forget You by Noisettes 

#6 OOTD (outfit of the day)

Inspiration: Wisdom Kaye 

Views: 33.1 billion

Fashion is a huge part of TikTok, and users love to take inspiration from the app. A clothing brand can use this trend to put together an outfit from its latest seasonal collection. Many followers will rush to the comments to ask where they can purchase the fit. So grab your camera, and be prepared to strike a pose.

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #OOTD
Song: American Boy by Estelle, or a song of your choosing! 

#7 I was busy thinking about

@kajabeauty Anyone else busy thinking about #satisfying Kaja Beauty sounds? 🤗 Link in bio 🛍 #kajabeauty #busythinkingabout #kbeauty #asmr #oddlysatisfying ♬ original sound - nathan

Views: 1.2 billion

Can’t get something out of your head? This trend is pretty self-explanatory as users share what’s playing on repeat in their minds. There are endless possibilities to what can be revealed. Creators can share their product’s best feature or how they started their business. No matter what it is, get ready to be an open book.

How to do the challenge: 

Hashtag: #BusyThinkingAbout

Sound: Boys by Charli XCX

#8 Don’t be surprised if one day if I just

@cozyteatok If this fits your aesthetic, give me a follow. 🌼☕️🌻🤎 #cottagecoreaesthetic #cottagecore #aesthetic #fyp ♬ Dont be surprised if one day I - Rusty

Views: 47.9 million

This trend is for dreamers who fantasize about running away from their mundane, boring life. Usually featuring fantasies of travel or deleted social media, this trend encourages full-blown spontaneity. If you’re getting ready to launch a new product or even start your new business, this could be an opportunity to surprise followers with your bold plans. 

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #dontbesurprisedifonedayijust
Sound: Don’t be surprised if one day I just by Rusty 

#9 3D photo trend

Views: 23.6 million

Calling all photographers and graphic designers! This trend makes your photos appear larger than life. By using the app CapCut to create 3D special effects, you could make your brand leap off the screen. If you want users to smash that follow button, then take advantage of one of the best photo trends on TikTok.

How to do the challenge:

Hashtag: #3dphototrend
App: use CapCut before uploading to TikTok
Sound: Phonky Town by Playaphonk or a song of your choice!

#10 Adult Swim

Views 6.1 Billion 

If you didn’t defy your parents by staying up late to watch Adult Swim, then this trend could be confusing. This challenge is a parody of Adult Swim's programming breaks, which played late at night on Cartoon Network. These videos turn the seemingly ordinary into the strange and existential. The video usually shares an aesthetically-beautiful scene before revealing a creative Adult Swim logo. The logo could be created out of anything, like your business cards or your best selling products. When doing this trend, don't forget to listen to your inner child. 

How to do the trend:

Hashtag: #AdultSwim
Sound: Running Away by Vano 3000

#11 I’m bad Michael Jackson trend

Views: 14.4 million 

Dancing skills are required to pull off this trend. Going a bit old school, Michael Jackson’s song, “I’m Bad”, and his famous toe stance is trending. Creators like to moonwalk into the shot before freeze-framing on their tippy toes. This trend is lighthearted, fun, and perfect for those who want to channel the King of Pop. Whether you’re announcing a sale, giveaway, or launching a product, don’t forget to wear a single white glove. 

How to do the trend:

Hashtag: #badmichaeljackson
Sound: Bad (2012 Remaster) by Michael Jackson 

#12 Tell me without telling me

@rockettes Anyone else dance everywhere they go? 🙋‍♀️ #fyp #foryou #tellmewithouttellingme #rockettes ♬ original sound - The Rockettes

Views: 1.7 Billion

Without being explicit, this trend lets creators introduce themselves to their viewers. There are thousands of ways to say hello, so this trend never gets repetitive. Viewers like to see what makes you unique, so don’t be afraid to make a bold introduction.

How to do the trend:
Hashtag: #TellMeWithoutTellingMe
Sound: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys or a song of your choice!

#13 Mama said that it was okay

Views: 95.9 million

Has your mom ever permitted you to do something crazy? Even if she hasn’t, this challenge lets you fully be yourself. Creators emulate famous TV characters, entrepreneurs, or even their own parents to find self-acceptance. TikTok users like to keep an open mind, so anything is game in this trend. 

How to do the trend:

Hashtag: #mamasaidthatitwasokay
Sound: Mama Said by Lukas Graham

#14 I understood the assignment

Views: 551.4 million 

This trend is for anyone who’s aced their homework assignment. Well, not really, but you can take this opportunity to share what you’re proud of. Maybe your business fills a niche, or your product has incredible results. Whatever it is, do not hesitate to brag on yourself! Users like to lift up and support each other, so they’ll be more than happy to offer you their congratulations.

How to do the trend:

Hashtag: #IUnderstoodTheAssigment
Sound: The Assignment by Tay Money 

#15 Sheeesh

@warriors How we’re pullin’ up to the game #sheeshhhhhhh ♬ Sheeeshhh - King Julio

Views: 8.7 million 

Usually accompanied with the ‘ice in my veins’ pose, this challenge is all about appreciation. The sound is supposed to represent soft applause. One of the first viral trends, this song became an inside joke on the app. If you have something incredibly cool to share, then use the sheeesh sound.

How to do the trend: 

Hashtag: #sheeshhhhh

Song: Sheeeshhh by King Julio

How to search trends on TikTok

It's easy to find the latest TikTok trends in the app. Click the “Discover” tab and scroll through the trending hashtags to watch the latest videos. You can also create a blank TikTok account;  just make sure you don't like, comment, or follow anyone on the app, or else you’ll train the algorithm into marking those as your preference. This tactic prevents the algorithm from catering to your interests, so you can still see the most popular trends going viral worldwide. 


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December 6, 2021

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