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Make Trending TikTok Sounds Part of Your Content Strategy

Emma Levin
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Make Trending TikTok Sounds Part of Your Content Strategy

TikTok is like being a part of one big inside joke. People who don’t spend time on TikTok, just don’t get the references. The app can be daunting to navigate at first, but learn how to be part of the “in crowd”, and you could capitalize on the app’s marketing strategies. Utilize popular TikTok sounds to expand brand awareness and build relationships with potential customers. Whether you’re narrating a story, busting out a dance move, or lip-syncing, you too can be part of the TikTok club.

TikTok's cultural impact appears to be limitless. The app is on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022. It can turn unknown songs into radio hits, or give an overlooked album a second chance at life. But have you ever considered using a TikTok sound as part of your next social media marketing strategy? 

Why Audio Matters for Your Social Media  Marketing Strategy 

When creating your next viral video, be sure to include a trending sound. TikTok has confirmed that audio is just as important as visuals. Even though other social media apps like Facebook have previously advocated for a “sound-free” user experience, TikTok has flipped that approach on its head.  

Nine out of ten TikTok users say that sound is vital to the TikTok experience, so you shouldn’t dismiss the power of audio. If you’re studying videos for your next marketing strategy, you should know about the hottest sounds trending on the app. 

Top Trending TikTok Sounds 

Below is a curated list of the sounds currently trending on TikTok, and how to use them to make a video. Keep reading to understand how the cleverest creators choose sounds to pair with their videos and see some of the best examples out there.

Monkey Spinning Monkeys by Kevin The Monkey 

Videos: 23.4 million 

The videos under this sound look like your quintessential blooper reel. Creators use this sound to dive into shenanigans, show off their pet’s goofiness, or play pranks with their friends. In the above video, the Museum of Illusions in Dubai uses the sound, Monkey Spinning Monkeys, to demonstrate the museum’s optical illusions. Brands can use this sound to surprise and delight viewers and show off their business or products. This sound is still going strong, so now is the time to get creative.

Oui by God is good

Videos: 1.8 million 

It wouldn’t be TikTok without a dance challenge. In this case, adorable HelloKitty characters break out into dance. The iconic characters use this opportunity to assimilate to the app's trends. Companies should not hesitate to participate in fun trends or get creative with viral sounds. The comments on the video demonstrate that viewers are happy to see positivity and sweetness on their For You Page (FYP).

Toxic X Pony by Altego

Videos: 1.7 million 

This mashup of the biggest pop and R&B hit of the 2000s has spread like wildfire throughout the app. A majority of the videos using sounds are dance challenges, but the above video puts a twist on this viral trend. The creator plays the saxophone over the track, showcasing her unique talents and abilities. Her spin on this trending sound means her video is easier to remember and makes her stand out from the crowd.

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes by Edison Lighthouse

Videos: 1 million 

This song by Edison Lighthouse, originally released in 1971, has made a successful comeback thanks to TikTok. The videos using the sound are positive and uplifting, featuring adventurous women. The above video is another twist on the trend, but well within the parameters of positivity, bright colors, and reckless fun. You could use the sound to feature your company’s products or introduce outstanding employees. The good news is that positivity is contagious, so you’ll naturally get views with this sound.

To The Moon by Jnr Choi

Videos: 1.3 million 

@heartdefensor unboxing my gift from my sis, it matches perfectly with my BT21 keyboard 🥲💜 new ipad mini in purple #ipadmini6 #apple ♬ TO THE MOON - Jnr Choi

This unboxing video is both aesthetically pleasing and an ideal opportunity to present your brand’s beautiful products. It’s a great example of how a visually stunning video paired with a trending sound can make a brand resonate in a customer’s mind.

Spongebob Tomfoolery by David Snell 

Videos: 5.4 million 

Creators use this sound to demonstrate some more harmless shenanigans and tomfoolery. In this video, this business uses the fun sound to test their products and interact with a customer's comment. It’s a perfect example of capitalizing on the intended use of the sound while aptly marketing your business.

She Share Story by yugure

Videos: 6.4 million 

@amauryguichon Chocolate Carousel! 🎠 This one brings back a lot of childhood memories! #amauryguichon #schoolofchocolate ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

This baker uses the viral sound as a backdrop for their stunning creation. They allow their followers the satisfaction of watching something magical come together from start to finish. Whatever the nature of your brand or business, you too can showcase the satisfying completion of a creative project. Above all else, don’t forget to pair it with this viral sound.

Ummmm.. Yeah by Andrew 

Videos: 118,600 videos 

@ryanair Bestie how else will I make bank i’m sorry🤧 #ryanair #airline #traveleurope #cabincrew ♬ umm.. yeah - andrew

The origin of this sound comes from singer Kali Uchis finishing a set on stage. Creators have taken the audio clip to demonstrate sarcasm in their videos. The airline, Ryan Air, uses the sound to poke fun at customers complaining about paying extra for luggage. It’s a great example of a major business diving headfirst into one of the latest inside jokes on TikTok.

Abcdefu by Gayle 

Videos: 1.5 million 

@inthefrow You win @Team Jimmy Choo 😩❤️😍 thankyou!! #adventcalendar ♬ abcdefu - GAYLE

This luxury advent calendar trend went somewhat viral during the Holiday season, so brands should take notes for the future. By featuring an influencer and pairing the video with a viral sound, this business has reached a whole new group of potential customers. 

Do it to it by ACRAZE

Videos: 2.9 million 

@sph2onge Reply to @gogoboss_stampolidis why do we take these comments 🙈🙈 SPh2ONGE definitely won’t be the same again 🙈 #sph2onge #cleantok ♬ Do It To It - ACRAZE

Any company can use a trending sound to draw attention to their products. The company, Sph2onge, uses this fast-paced sound to test the durability of its product. The company created the video in response to a challenge presented by one of its followers. Although the sound is usually associated with a viral dance, Sph2onge takes the sound and turns it on its head with an exciting shock factor.

Honorable Mentions: 

Sometimes, we think some sounds will last forever, but even the most popular sounds come and go. However, these sounds are still available to use, so if you put a new twist on them, you could get your brand or business to land on the FYP of millions.  

Oh No by Kreepa 

This sound has been trending since 2020 and never really fails to die out. The videos under the sound usually tell a story of a hilarious catastrophe that upends an entire situation. Creators have a lot of fun with this one sound, and so can you! 

Telepatía by Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis has become a household name thanks to TikTok. Her song Telepatía went viral on the app and elicited millions of videos. Creators use this sound to dance or show off their vocal chops. 

“I Am” by Yung Baby Tate feat. Flo Milli

This song allows creators to play with affirmations while dancing to a hit R&B song. This sound is all about spreading positivity and good vibes. You can certainly get creative with this one. 

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac 

Who could forget the sound that started it all? Dreams by Fleetwood Mac made a comeback thanks to TikTok and skateboarder Nathan Apodaca. This sound was one of the first songs to go viral off the app, so users chased the opportunity to create an aesthetic video featuring this sound.

Castaways by the Backyardigans 

Sometimes, it’s inexplicable how most sounds go viral on TikTok. This song from the kids’ show, The Backyardigans, hit its peak in 2020. A lot of users had fun with this song and it’s still available to use. Everyone loves a throwback to a beloved trend, so there's still time to create a video using this sound.

How To Find Trending Sounds on TikTok

It’s easy! Go to the discover page to see all the trending sounds, hashtags, filters, and challenges. If you find a sound you like, click the sound in the bottom left-hand corner of the video and select “Add to Favorites” to save the sound for later use. Make sure to capitalize on trending sounds before they get buried and don’t be afraid to put a new twist on an old trend. Good luck! 

[Header image by Burst from Pexels]


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January 20, 2022

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