UNUM's Makeover: Why We're Shifting to Channels

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UNUM's Makeover: Why We're Shifting to Channels

As part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and providing tools that are both intuitive and functional, we are transitioning from "Spaces" to "Channels".

Why "Channels"?

The term "Spaces" was symbolic of a dedicated environment where you and your team could design, plan, and strategize your social media posts. However, as we evolved and listened to your feedback, it became evident that "Channels" would be a more apt representation.

"Channels" at UNUM are all about simplifying social media management for creators, and brands. Connect your Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and more to have individual 'channels' for each, streamlining the planning and scheduling process in one intuitive interface. It’s your multi-platform strategy, made easy and efficient.

Available on Mobile, and Desktop

Seamless Integration and Planning

Switching between social media platforms has never been easier. If you're not certain about which platform to focus on initially, you can kick off your creation process in an empty channel and decide on the connection later. We've engineered this feature keeping flexibility and adaptability in mind.

Moreover, with dedicated channel layouts tailored for each social media platform, you can ensure that your content looks its best, wherever it is posted.

Quick Creation and Overview

In a hurry? Craft perfect Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, TikTok content, and more in a mere matter of seconds. Plus, gain an overview of all your scheduled content and drafts, ensuring that you never miss a post.

Available on Mobile, and Desktop

A New Chapter Begins

With the transition from Spaces to Channels, we're not just changing a name, but amplifying our promise to make your social media planning efficient and enjoyable. Dive into Channels and experience a new wave of organized content creation.

For any queries or feedback, we're here to help.

Available on Mobile, and Desktop

Let's make every post count!

September 20, 2023

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