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Your 2023 Instagram Wrapped is Here!

UNUM Staff
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Your 2023 Instagram Wrapped is Here!

As the year winds down, it's time to look back and celebrate your Instagram journey. UNUM is thrilled to introduce Social Wrapped 2023 – a vibrant showcase of your year on Instagram, packed with insights and surprises! (make sure your UNUM is update to date, update your UNUM here

Your Wrapped is Here!
Your 2023 on Instagram was unique, filled with moments of connection, creativity, and community. Now, it's time to unwrap those moments. Dive into a personalized summary of your social media stats and rediscover the year that elevated your likes, top posts, comments, and more.

What's Inside Your Social Wrapped?

  • Your Posting Journey: Discover the number of posts you shared this year – were you among the top 1% of posters?
  • Reels vs. Feed: Get insights into how many Reels and feed posts you created.
  • Peak Months: Find out which months saw you shining the brightest on Instagram.
  • Hashtag Highlights: See the total number of hashtags you used and your top-performing ones.
  • Echoes of Engagement: Count how many times you were mentioned and who your top @mentions were.
  • Your Instagram Persona: Uncover what your posting style says about you in 2023.

Share Your Story
Social Wrapped isn't just about looking back; it's about sharing your journey with your community. Share your Wrapped on Instagram with #UNUMWRAPPED and tag us @unumcloud. We'll reshare your story, and celebrate the year together!

As we bid farewell to 2023, UNUM Social Wrapped gives you a chance to relive the highlights and appreciate your growth on Instagram. It's more than just numbers; it's the story of your year, told through your posts, connections, and creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Unwrap your 2023 and share your story with the world!

December 12, 2023

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