Better Collaboration with the New Teams Dashboard

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Better Collaboration with the New Teams Dashboard

Recent times have made collaboration and communication between people seemingly more challenging. But setbacks always open new doors. We discovered two important developments in the social media world:

  1. Tools and services that offer ways of keeping colleagues and teammates connected became very important
  2. We all welcomed a more online presence

It’s more important than ever to tell stories — stories that matter. If social has taught us anything, it’s that no matter where you are in the world, your story can be heard. It can even resonate across millions, even billions of people all around the world.

But, there is a lot that goes into a great story. Especially when you find yourself working with others. From the idea to creating, designing, planning, and then sharing (we even skipped a few steps), but you get the gist. 

That’s why we’re launching Teams! A dashboard designed for those seeking to tell timeless stories and build their forever brands, together.

UNUM Teams real-time updates

Enjoy multiplayer mode

Experience the power of real time planning with your teammates, clients, talent, and others, across any Space.

Remote Inspired

Work across any device, anywhere in the world. We at UNUM are a fully remote team ourselves and use UNUM Teams to tell our own stories. We designed Teams out of a personal need, which is why we know you’ll love it too.

UNUM Teams admin dashboard

Team Control

Add/remove members to your team and assign roles respectively. We give you the control to oversee how your social story will be told.

Now it’s up to you.

Create your New Team Dashboard here

For more information, our step by step can be found here.

March 17, 2021

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