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Drive Up Engagement with TikTok Comments

Emma Levin
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Drive Up Engagement with TikTok Comments

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How the comment section can increase your engagement on TikTok
  • What not to do in your comment section 
  • TikTok comment strategies to increase your page’s engagement 

Building strong engagement on your TikTok page takes time and strategy. However, one of the best ways to increase follower count and activity is to utilize the comment section. Leveraging TikTok comments can drive up your engagement rate, increase your brand awareness, and cultivate a community of brand ambassadors. However, if you’re new to TikTok, you might not see the potential of the comment section. 

TikTok is, first and foremost, an entertainment app, and the comments are a huge part of the app’s appeal. Almost 77% of users say they read the comments on TikTok videos. Entertaining comments can cement a user’s experience on your page, making them feel like they’re a part of something. Creating a feeling of kinship and community on your TikTok page will increase engagement and followers. 

If you want to nail a killer digital marketing strategy, you cannot afford to overlook your comment section. More so than any other social media app, TikTok has the highest user engagement rates. The comment section is where you’ll build relationships with your viewers, develop superfans, and widen your brand’s reach. But first, you might wonder why the comment section is responsible for driving your engagement in the first place. 

How does the comment section boost engagement? 

If you spend enough time on TikTok, you’ll start noticing comments that say “boost,” “commenting for the algorithm,” or “boosting.” If there’s significant comment activity on your video, TikTok pushes your video out to more viewers and more “For You Pages.” Hundreds of comments notify TikTok that your video has viral potential, so the algorithm will push the video out to more and more users until engagement drops. 

The “boost” comments occur because TikTok has a general culture of positivity and helpfulness. These comments are regularly seen on videos of people requesting help or speaking about an important issue or cause. Regardless of the reason, comments are a crucial part of the TikTok algorithm, and you’ll need to leverage them if you want your video to be seen on thousands of “For You Pages.” 

However, you wouldn’t be the first person to scratch their head over the comment section, where internet lingo reigns, and sometimes the inside jokes can go over our heads. The secret to navigating the latest trends and TikTok vernacular is to embrace the zany and weird. Make your audience feel accepted and comfortable, so they’ll keep revisiting your content. Comments are simply user-generated content, so it’s your job to create a safe and entertaining space for your video viewers.

Who can leave comments on TikTok videos? 

With a public account, anyone on the app can leave comments on your post. A public account means your profile can cast a wide net and connect with a range of viewers. However, it might make sense to have a private account if you're being subjective with your content. Only your followers can leave comments on your posts with a private account.

There’s an additional setting where you can choose to limit comments to “friends.” “Friends” are users who follow each other. However, this setting severely limits engagement in your comment section and may dissuade potential followers and customers from interacting with your brand in the future. 

What you shouldn’t do in your comment section: 

Before we dive into the gems of strategy, there are a few faux-pas to avoid in your comment section. If you desire lasting power on TikTok, above all else, do not hire or buy TikTok comments. If your comment section looks fake or lacks sincerity, you’ll fail to create an authentic community. Instead, you’ll find it much more productive to cultivate a real audience who become genuine advocates for your brand over time. 

Another mistake to avoid is disabling comments. You might wonder why anyone would even bother disabling comments, but if you’re on TikTok long enough, you’ll start to understand why. 

TikTok users can be some of the most honest social media users out there. Even though feedback can make you a better brand, a little honesty can quickly turn into overwhelming harassment and negativity. You should only disable the comments if they turn into harassment. Your comment section should be a safe place for your audience. If your viewers feel unwelcome, they might take their comments and engagement elsewhere. If you decide to limit comments, you’ll have less engagement on your page and miss an opportunity to connect with your audience. So, use the disable toggle mindfully. 

How do you increase engagement in your comment section? 

Now that you understand the importance of the comment section to drive engagement on your page, there are a few strategies to get users commenting and sending your engagement skyrocketing. 

Strategy # 1: Take community management seriously

Your comment section is where your community can flourish. Engage with your followers and commenters so that they feel heard and appreciated. Don’t let the discussion be one-sided by keeping silent in your own comment section. Like comments and respond to the best ones with a genuine reply. Watch out for negative comments directed at yourself or other commenters to keep the discussion entertaining and safe, so you can continue to widen your reach and attract new followers to your page.

Strategy # 2: Create a video response 

One way to engage with your followers and keep the conversation flowing is to create a video response or a reaction video. In your comment section, you can choose a comment and reply to it with its own video. The video will then embed itself in the comment section for all viewers to see.

Some creators have multiple video responses on their most popular videos. If a comment section produces great questions, inquiries, or other engaging comments, take advantage of that by creating a video response. An additional video is another opportunity to go viral and expand your brand’s reach. 

Also, your followers appreciate it when you take the time to respond to their comments thoughtfully. The most valuable customers are the ones you can build an emotional connection with. This tactic helps you build a closer relationship with your audience, generating more potential ambassadors for your brand. 

Strategy # 3: Create a call-to-action 

One way to keep your comment section interesting is to ask your followers a question in the comment section. A call-to-action can activate your followers to participate in a challenge or share a personal experience. Asking your followers questions creates a thread of dialogue, helping you form a relationship with your viewers. 

Allow your followers the space to open up and share a little about themselves. You might be surprised by the flurry of activity born in your comment section. It’s important to cultivate a sense of community for your followers since everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. 

You can also pin a call-to-action at the top of your comment section, so it’s the first thing your viewers see. Your viewers can then respond to the pinned comment and create a thread of dialogue. A thread of comments is another great way to drive engagement and push your video out to more viewers. 

Strategy # 4: Comment on other videos

It’s not rocket science that commenting on other videos increases your brand’s reach and calls attention to your page. If a TikTok user sees and likes your comments on other videos, they’re more likely to click on your page and check out your content. TikTok is a two-way street–you’ll need to engage with other brands and creators to draw attention to your own videos and content. It’s important to show that you’re an active TikTok user and that you like to support other brands. 

It’s very common for a major brand, sports team, or large company to comment on a viral video. Users appreciate it when they see a major brand interacting with their content. It indicates to fellow users that those major brands are relatable and authentic. With this tactic, you’ll increase your TikTok cred, leading to a natural increase in engagement. 

Strategy # 5: Filter out the spam 

As a creator, it’s your responsibility to be in charge of your comment section. Filtering out spam and potentially harmful comments is part of your job. Viewers who see your comment section riddled with bots, arguments, or potential bullying or harassment will be less inclined to comment. Fewer comments mean less engagement for your brand.

It’s a good idea to set up your community guidelines that cover harmful or spam comments. Set your own boundaries for which type of comments you’ll delete and which ones you’ll let slide. Also, decide which types of comments will create a thoughtful dialogue on a video. With your own community guidelines, you’ll operate from a place of strategy and create a safe and exciting environment for your viewers. 

Bonus Strategy Tip: Utilize the Q&A feature

This strategy is not part of the comment section but functions similarly and leads to increased engagement. The Q&A feature allows TikTok users to send in questions to their favorite creators. The Q&A feature allows you to create video responses and answer your audience’s most burning questions. It’s another engagement tactic that builds relationships with your followers and potential customers. 

The Q&A feature can be found on your profile listed under your bio. TikTok users can submit their questions to the submission box. As the creator, you can choose which questions to respond to—if not all of them! Even though it can be scary to film yourself on camera, you’ll get the hang of it over time. Besides, taking the time to answer your followers’ questions shows your authenticity. Being authentic will increase your followers' likelihood of engaging with your content in the future. 

Final Takeaways

With over 1 billion users on TikTok, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your engagement and connect with your target audience. The key to increasing your follower count and level of engagement is making the most out of your comment section. Lean into community management, keep your followers interested and active, and engage with other brands and creators on the app. As long as you’re serious about making your comment section an entertaining and safe place, you’ll find that increased engagement will soon follow. 

For a little more information about TikTok comments, here’s everything you need to know about pinning a comment, filtering comments, managing your privacy, and more: TikTok Comments Support Page.  


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July 25, 2022

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