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How to Strategically Pin Instagram Posts and Reels

Sharad Jaiswal
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How to Strategically Pin Instagram Posts and Reels

How to Strategically Pin Instagram Posts and Reels

Instagram is all about looks. Ever notice when "picture perfect" was replaced by "Instagram worthy" worldwide? It happened fast, and with the new "grid pinning" tool, Instagram is also telling people where to look. With the ability to pin three posts of your choice to the top of your page, you now have control over what profile visitors are looking at first.

So, when the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced the new features, "Creators are incredibly important to the future of Instagram," he meant it. Because when you give your creators the ability to bring their best work to the spotlight, you help them gain more attraction and followers. So, whether you are a business, creator, or just about anyone who'd like their top three pinned posts to sell the rest of their account, in this blog, we'll show you how.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the following:

  • Pin Those High-Performing Posts
  • Give a Brief Insight of Your Page
  • Give a Sneak Peek of What Goes Behind the Camera
  • Fake a Perfect Feed

Pin Those High-Performing Posts

This is the safest strategy you can implement while harnessing the TikTok-inspired trend of pinning posts to the top of your feed. Got any high-performing reels, posts, or IG Videos (IGTV’s)? If those posts have scored extended reach in the past, make use of their popularity and pin them. 

First of all, It makes sense that any content already well-appreciated by your current audience will be loved by your visiting audience as well. At least, there is a high probability. 

Second, if you are familiar with Instagram's algorithm, you know how it works. As long as you keep getting likes and comments, Instagram will keep pushing the post to more people, which only keeps the numbers rolling in.

This influencer is taking advantage of the feature by pinning an educational post, an about me post, and a behind the scenes post

Give a Brief Insight of Your Page

You have a total of three pins that you can utilize to advertise your best content at the top of your Instagram grid. Make them count by bringing forth all the unique characteristics that make up your Instagram account. If you've been on Instagram long enough, you're aware influencers release content as a “series,” creating continuing and anticipation while giving their content a distinctive spin. Pinning all the different variations your account offers can give your audience an insight into what they can expect to receive from your page. 

Suppose you're a makeup influencer, and lately, you’ve been unboxing, sampling, and reviewing luxury products. Perhaps it’s what you're drawn to at the moment or a result of the luxury PR packages in your mailbox! Nonetheless, it may be a niche series within in your account alongside the content you've already put out about affordable drugstore makeup.

So to give your audience a brief overview of what your account is about, you can pin a post or video about affordable makeup finds, luxury makeup reviews, and the third about organic brands. As you want your audience to know, that's what your account frequently offers.

Suppose you're a business, on the other hand. In that case, you could pin a customer testimonial, a few of your top-selling products, and a "behind-the-scenes" of your product in the making.

Speaking of brands, we've got more tips for you ahead!

Give a Sneak Peek of What Goes on Behind the Camera

Gone are the days when Instagram was filled with cute selfies and pictures of what you and your friends had for brunch. Now, Instagram is filled with content that goes through a dozen retakes, re-touching, filters, and edits. And let's be honest, the content produced at the end of this time-consuming process is much more entertaining and valuable than our brunch photos. 

We scroll past most Instagram content without thinking twice about the effort behind creating the final product accessible to us at the tip of our fingers. And so, take a guess at what the result of showcasing the process that goes behind creating your content has on your audience? They instantly appreciate it more, even if it's the first time they visit your page.

As for businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to reveal the dedication you or your employees put behind each product.

Fake a Perfect Feed

Instagram started as a picture-posting platform, which is essentially why it has stuck to its "grid" structured profile. If you've been trying to grow your Instagram over the last couple of years, you've witnessed the platform's evolution. It was majorly all about pictures, but now it is pushing its video features, especially reels! That said, it doesn't take away the obsession over conquering the "perfect feed" on Instagram. 

Prior to this, in order to have an organized feed aesthetic, you'd either have to plan it in advance, apply the same filter to each piece of content or just stress big-time about it altogether. This wasn't just a hassle but caused breaks in your consistent effort to post. Thanks to the grid-pinning feature, you can fake the perfect feed by pinning your most attractive posts to the top. 

Yes, you can only pin three, but they're enough to attract the audience through pinning vivid, on-brand colors and your most "Instagram-worthy" clicks.

Which brands benefit most from the grid-pinning feature?

Instagram has announced various features that benefit users equally, such as 90-second reels, and Reels stickers. In our opinion, the grid-pinning feature is a game-changer for boutique brands and individuals like influencers..

Big brands have social media managers, designers, models, and copywriters behind each post. Thus, they can plan and execute new ideas on brand with ease. On the other hand, creators who manage their accounts single-handedly can struggle to demonstrate their talent consistently. Through the grid-pinning tool, creators and small businesses can pin their best work to the top of their profiles. This lets visitors get a quick overview of what the account offers based on their very best posts—not that any of your posts are mediocre or low-quality, but some content deserves to live at the top. 

Pinning aside though, when you have the perfect creator tools for planning out your feed you can effortlessly meet your goals to stay on-brand and keep a consistent vibe or aethetic to your Instagram account. 

UNUM is your best tool for planning, creating, and executing beautiful social media feeds and stories. Signup today for a free account.

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July 11, 2022

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