A Bigger Room for Stories. Introducing DSTU (Design Studio)

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A Bigger Room for Stories. Introducing DSTU (Design Studio)

Design Your Story

!UNUM understands Stories--the quirks, the concept, the essence, and even the history of it. Back when stories were first introduced by Snapchat in 2013, these 10-second videos that disappear after 24 hours were a big hit. The ephemeral “snaps” skyrocketed to 50 million per day right after its launch. Needless to say, other social media platforms saw the potential of it and followed suit: Instagram Stories in 2016, and then WhatsApp and Facebook in 2017, and quite recently LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter joined the bandwagon.

The social media world adapted and embraced Stories, but now, we face a world where we need to share a lot of amazing content — faster than ever! But we don’t want the haste to compromise quality. This is why DSTU (Design Studio) was born.

Creative Freedom 

DSTU was originally inside the UNUM app, but we decided to give it it’s own space. Or its own “studio” so to speak. DSTU is a new and separate app (by UNUM) which houses 100s of premium, professionally designed templates touching a range of different themes and styles. It’s integrated in the iOS UNUM app which can be opened from your dashboard.

Upon opening the DSTU app, you’ll see the Discover page and will be scrolling through a feed of on trend Story templates designed to stand-out.

The Story templates are curated according to design layouts, content theme, and your brand goals (we even have ‘Swipe Up’ designs focused templates).

It’s easy to get started.

Choose the template you want and start designing.

You can change the background, replace media, add text from a library of curated fonts, and even insert a new page with whatever theme you like. Hey, some Stories are standalone, and some work best with multiple pages.

The best part? This is your own Design Studio. 

It’s your safe space to create and try out new concepts. Share when you’re ready or add to your UNUM app to continue building your digital brand.

You can find all your design to edit or share to social in the “My Stories” 

We’re proud to be empowering your story. 


The UNUM Team

March 24, 2021

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