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The 18 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

Kim Wacker
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The 18 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be the granddaughter of a very successful interior designer. My grandmother, Mary Ellen, loved making things more beautiful—and this ranged from decorating people's homes to building loving and valued relationships with those she knew. I always looked up to her, as a person, and for her accomplishments in design. In fact, I even thought I wanted to be an interior designer just like her one day! 

Fast-forward—I’m making my living as a writer, but I most definitely contribute a lot of my creativity to what I learned from my grandmother. Everything she touched, from her home to other people’s homes to her company’s interior design store, was always impeccable. Her attention to detail was incredible and her passion truly showed in her work. 

Back then, we didn’t have the luxury of the Internet, social media, little less Instagram when it came to promoting a business. So, that’s where elaborate interior design galleries came into play. I’ll never forget visiting my grandmother’s company gallery as a child and seeing the love she had for her work and the inspiration that she brought to others. 

Today, designers have a unique opportunity to showcase their work online, but there’s no doubt that it’s a competitive space. In this blog, I’ll share the 18 best interior design Instagram accounts that you should follow in 2022. 

Ready to be inspired? 

The interior design accounts you should follow 

It comes as no surprise that a new wave of interior designers have hit the scene with a savvy social media approach to design. The following is a list of today’s 18 best interior design Instagram accounts that many sources agree you should follow: 

Justina Blakely, outdoor bungalow

Justina Blakeney 

This Design Entrepreneur is the inventor of the term “Jungalow” (jungle + bungalow). Her lively Instagram feed is filled with plants inspiring a tropical oasis. 

Emily Henderson, closet organization

Emily Henderson

Style meets function with an edge for this interior designer, TV personality, and the New York Times bestselling author of STYLED.

Corey Damon Jenkins, kitchen design

Corey Damen Jenkins

This media personality and author infuses high-end glam into his sophisticated interior designs. 

Orlando Soria, living room with dog

Orlando Soria

The host of HGTV’s “Unspouse My House” and “Build Me Up” spices things up with his unique and modern interiors. 

Alyssa Kapito, modern living room

Alyssa Kapito

This New York-based designer is on the Elle Decor A-list and infuses urban style and a modern, clean feel. 

Sasha Bikoff, modern purple seating

Sasha Bikoff

Also on the Elle Decor A-List, this designer’s studio incorporates a flair for the eccentric, unique, and ultra-modern decor. 

Mark D Sikes, traditional blue and white living

Mark D Sikes

This interior designer is known for his passion for “blue and white” colors alongside plants and nature. 

Josh Greene, modern tub

Josh Greene

With a focus on architecture and furniture, this designer enjoys warm tones alongside modern functionality. 

Sara and Rich Combs, desert hot tub

Sara and Rich Combs

This husband and wife team creates beautiful desert-themed designs both indoors and outdoors complete with cacti. 

Melissa Michaels, bedroom with dog

Melissa Michaels

This designer’s motto is “love the home you have.” Her spaces are warm and inviting complete with fur babies. 

Paloma Contreras, greenery living room

Paloma Contreras

It’s all about comfort lighting for this designer, who focuses on wallpaper, fabric, and furniture. 

Joanna Stevens Gaines, holiday fireplace

Joanna Stevens Gaines

Snuggle up, relax, and get cozy with this interior design style lit up by plants and nature. 

Sara Gilbane, spacious kitchen

Sara Gilbane

This Manhattan interior designer is known for adding a bohemian twist to her traditional style. 

Kelly Wearstler, hip edgy bathroom

Kelly Wearstler

Interior design meets architecture with defined lines and shapes for this CEO and artist. 

Grace Bonney, elegant living

Grace Bonney

Known as the “Design Sponge,” this designer celebrates the voices and work of creatives of color. 

Zabrina, modern clean bedroom


Z Design at Home by Bree features stylish yet functional designs with a touch of modern comfort. 

Erin Hiemstra, upscale urban living

Erin Hiemstra

This decorating enthusiast focuses on modern living using white and black color schemes. 

Nick Olsen, modern office space

Nick Olsen

Also on ELLE’s Décor A-List, this interior designer features bright home decor with lots of colors and textures. 

Creating inspiring interior design content 

Now that I’ve introduced you to some of the best interior design Instagram accounts around, it’s time for your creative juices to flow! 

Coming up with new and unique content ideas can be daunting for interior designers—especially in such a competitive industry. That’s why keeping your Instagram account active and relevant is key in order to encourage engagement and grow the business. 

Pro Tip: One great way to showcase your work is with Instagram Stories. This can help bring awareness to your brand, and your followers will love getting a glimpse behind the scenes of your design process. Be sure to post content that fits your niche and that your potential clients will find interesting. 

When it comes to branding, the following tips can also help you get noticed:

  • Find your own unique style: What is your niche? What makes your style different? What kinds of clients do you want to attract?  
  • Turn “your” style into “your” brand: Create a unique logo with a design and color palette that matches your personal style. 
  • Network and build partnerships: Expanding your reach is never a bad thing! When you engage with new people and companies, doors may open for your brand to be featured on other accounts and blogs. 
  • Become an effective storyteller: Tell your personal story. How did you become an interior designer? Share “a day in the life” video on your Instagram feed. 

Hopefully, the content ideas and the 18 interior design Instagram accounts featured in this blog will provide you with a great source of inspiration—whether you’re an aspiring, new, or established interior designer.

“Design has allowed us to stand out: to look different and show that difference boldly!” — Joe Mansueto, American Entrepreneur


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March 17, 2022

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