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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Stickers

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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are a great way to add context to your stories and increase the overall discoverability and engagement of your account. Since the launch of Stories in 2016, Instagram has continued to add a variety of features to its Story format.

While some stickers make powerful marketing tools, others simply add an element of fun to an otherwise one-dimensional story (customize any of your story posts with UNUM’s premium Story Collection Templates)! Drive engagement with IG’s quizzes and polls, increase discoverability with locations and hashtags, and create conversations with questions and chats.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of all the stickers Instagram Stories have to offer!

Location Sticker

Location stickers help boost your discoverability, drive more views, and increase engagement by showcasing your story on the given location’s public stories feed.

Anyone who searches for a specific location on Instagram will be able to view and interact with your story. Thus, broadening your reach by enabling your story to be seen by people who aren’t already following you.

Mention Sticker

Mention stickers help you build out your community. Mentioning other accounts notifies the user(s) who may, in turn, repost your story and share it with their followers. This not only increases your reach and impressions but also may lead to more followers.

If your account utilizes user-generated content, it’s incredibly important to give credit to the user whose content you’re reposting. This not only builds trust and loyalty within your community but also increases the possibility for brand exposure.

Hashtag Sticker

Hashtag stickers are great for increasing your story’s discoverability and engagement. When you tag your story with a hashtag, other users can see and engage with your story via the hashtag’s page. If a user taps on your story’s hashtag sticker, they will be brought to the individual hashtag page where they can explore any other media being shared with the same tag.

For businesses, hashtag stickers are incredibly useful when it comes to promoting your brand and its own personal branded hashtag. Branded hashtags are a great way to motivate your audience to engage with the rest of your branded content.

GIF Sticker

GIF stickers are great for adding a bit of pizazz to your story. Use them to highlight links and call-to-actions, promote campaigns, and add a touch of personality.

Instagram even allows you to create custom GIFs accessible to anyone. Custom GIFs are an excellent way to drive growth since other accounts can search and post your GIFs on their own stories.

Poll & Emoji Slider Stickers

Poll stickers and emoji stickers are best used to help survey your audience about their likes, dislikes, and general opinions. They are best for crowdsourcing ideas, gathering audience feedback, learning more about your audience, and creating interactive content.

Poll stickers allow you to ask your audience a question, customize the answers, and see the results in real-time.

Emoji slider stickers enable your audience to drag a slider labeled with an emoji of your choice to the left or right based on their opinion of a question or comment of your choosing.

Question Sticker

Question stickers let you provide your audience with a prompt that they can then respond to by asking a question, providing a response, or even suggesting a song.

They are a great way to show your followers that you are approachable and authentic! Use them to start a discussion, ask for advice, crowdsource ideas, gather feedback, and engage with your audience on a deeper level.

Countdown Sticker

Countdown stickers are used to showcase a countdown from a specified date and time. Followers can subscribe to your countdown to receive a reminder when the time is up, and when your countdown is complete.

Countdowns are great for generating anticipation and promoting special events, announcements, sales, product launches, etc.

Chat Sticker

The chat sticker is one of the newest additions to the Instagram Stories Stickers family. You begin by naming the chat sticker that your followers can then tap on to request to join the chat. You can then view which followers requested to join and pick which requests to accept into the chat.

Use chat stickers to start a conversation in a “Direct” thread with a group of followers who wish to engage with you and others in your community. You can add or remove people from the chat or end the conversation at any time.

Donation Sticker

The donation sticker allows you to host a mini-fundraiser via your Instagram Story for a non-profit of your choosing. Simply search for a non-profit you’d like to support, give the sticker a title, and customize the color of your sticker at the top of the screen.

When people view your story, they can click on the donate sticker to be prompted to an in-app pop-up page where they input the details of their donation.

Donation stickers are a great way to share with your community the causes you are passionate about while encouraging your audience to help make a difference.

Quiz Sticker

Quiz stickers let you share interactive, multiple-choice questions with your followers. They’re a great way to boost engagement, gather feedback, and educate your audience.

Each time someone selects an answer on your quiz, they can see (in real-time) if, based on the customized answers you previously set, they got it right. You are then able to see how many people voted for each answer and what each person voted for.

Music Sticker

The music sticker enables you to search for a song and, if the lyrics are available, showcase a selection (maximum of 15 seconds) of the song and its associated lyrics.

You can even customize the design with different fonts and colors to add your own flare. Viewers of your story can then tap on the featured lyrics to listen to more of the song and even learn about the artist.


Stickers are most effective when combined with a strong story. If you have a vision for your story — create, design, and plan it in UNUM’s Story Space so you aren’t burdened with remembering it.

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May 18, 2020

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