UNUM Case Study: Building the Beachly Brand

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UNUM Case Study: Building the Beachly Brand

Beachly is a subscription box company that delivers to beach and surf-loving customers every season. Beachly serves a predominantly female market in their early 30s to late 50s. Each box thoughtfully selects beach-inspired big and small brands, aiming to bring the beach right to your front door. Beachly recently added a monthly beauty box to their subscription service that prioritizes clean and cruelty free products.

Beachly Unboxing

Outside of their seasonal subscription box, Beachly’s social media also serves as a source of the sun and surf aesthetic. Madeline Johnson, Beachly’s content marketing manager, was eager to learn about UNUM upon joining their marketing team. Social media is crucial in maintaining and preserving the same vibe as their products. For this reason, Madeline and her team were committed to finding an inclusive marketing tool to build out their strategy.

Streamlining their process

When Madeline joined the Beachly team in November of 2019, UNUM was already being used as a scheduling and planning tool for their social media. The team, however, was outsourcing across multiple platforms. Instagram for sourcing content, LightRoom for editing content, UNUM for planning content, and SproutSocial for actually sharing content, the team was eager to find a one-stop-shop for their marketing approach.

Unboxing Beachly in a van

The most significant pain-point that Madeline shared was still having to transfer to other apps and websites for the next steps. For this reason, Beachly was eager to implement UNUM’s new features, such as improved grid editing and sharing, into their workflow. “I am definitely excited about the ability to schedule from within the platform. This will provide a much more streamlined experience for marketers.”

How Beachly works

Building the Beachly brand with UNUM

Madeline described her personal onboarding experience with UNUM as extremely easy and convenient. As she took on her new lead marketing role, the hand-off was streamlined with the simple UNUM interface. 

UNUM is now used in their office everyday, in order to preserve the Beachly brand image and help them curate a captivating story. Madeline recognized the “holistic insight” that UNUM displays for strengthening their marketing strategy and evolving their social presence. While UNUM overtly acts as a planning platform for future posts, it also facilitates the evaluation of past posts. This has proven most effective in promoting brand growth for Beachly.

Beachly subscription box

UNUM’s suite of features streamlined the execution of Madeline’s social outreach. She was able to consolidate her editing, planning, commenting, and posting with the integrated UNUM interface. “Social media growth and engagement are our main KPIs,” Madeline shared. “Being able to go into UNUM and visually see the story we are telling on social media helps funnel people into our different marketing strategies and help us achieve those goals as a company.”

With a more clear visualization of Beachly’s social message, Madeline saw measurable successes with social media following and engagement. This stronger understanding of how their socials were being interacted with helped Madeline better funnel customers into different marketing strategies and channels.

UNUM has helped us grow and evolve as a brand.

Beachly brand models on a van

September 24, 2021

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