UNUM Case Study: Danielle Muntain

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UNUM Case Study: Danielle Muntain

Creative travel, fashion, and lifestyle content creator and influencer, Danielle Muntain, has truly made a name for herself across the social media landscape. Her greatest passion is encouraging others to chase their dreams—and she does just that by creating authentic content that inspires her audience. 

A Vancouver, Canada native, Danielle is now headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and travels the world showcasing creative visuals.

She took the time to speak to us during her recent travels in Tulum, Mexico, which is a few hours from Cancun. 

We learned about Danielle’s story, her creative process, and how she uses UNUM’s creator tools to her advantage. 

An influencer with a purpose

Danielle has been widely recognized as a social media influencer for almost five years. In that time, she's grown her Instagram following to over 100,000. We asked Danielle what being an influencer meant to her. 

“My definition of an influencer really comes down to someone who's authentically sharing their thoughts and their perceptions of life." said Danielle. "Some of the most incredible influencers are people that are trying to do some good in the world.”

Many of the brands she works with are conscious brands that give back to the planet and promote sustainability. Danielle feels that she has a responsibility because there are so many eyes on her—and that’s why it’s crucial that an influencer be “heart-centered.”

Danielle’s continued success stems from producing high-quality authentic content while yielding an engaged audience. At the end of the day, she says it’s not always about the number of followers she has, but more about the content itself. 

The inspiration behind the content

Danielle started her career as a fashion stylist where she worked on photo and video shoots doing prop styling and creative drafting. That experience gave her the baseline she needed to be able to create and identify quality images and videos—and it taught her the importance of storytelling. 

Following years of practice, Danielle fearlessly booked a one-way ticket to Bali to fully immerse herself in a community with other inspiring content creators. 

Growing engagement

When Danielle entered the world of blogging, it wasn’t very well known, so learning how to grow and engage followers required quite a learning curve. 

She certainly caught on quickly. While living in Bali for a second time, Danielle had a few different pieces of content go viral. Her influencer career took off when she shot at an opening of a new Airbnb called Camaya Bali. Her photos went viral and, consequently, the Airbnb was booked up to two years in advance—it is now the most popular place to stay in Bali! 

Camaya Bali AirBnB

“By shooting and taking the time to really create something that hasn't been shot before, or putting a bit of a twist on it, can influence viral content, because it's original." said Danielle. "So, those different locations I shot at that went viral, definitely helped spike my growth for sure."

Taking it to the next level

We asked Danielle if she had aspirations to hit a certain number of followers, or if she compared herself to other influencers. She admitted that she struggled with comparisons early on, but more recently, she’s become more present in the moment and is grateful for how far she’s come. 

Danielle keeps in mind that it’s a long game. “If you’re passionate and dedicated, you’ll get there,” she said. 

The planning process

When it comes to her photo and video shoots, Danielle does a lot of pre-planning behind the scenes. The biggest part of the process is scoping out and finding locations that align with her brand, style, and inspiration. Then, she chooses the styling, her wardrobe, and accessories. 

In some cases, she identifies, meets, and hires an assistant or a photographer to shoot her. Many creators also collaborate and help each other out. 

Danielle’s creative process also includes looking at specific areas to shoot within locations and taking into consideration the current and potential change of lighting. 

Creating for Instagram

For Danielle, having consistent feeds on her Instagram is of the utmost importance. She’s been using UNUM’s creator tools for three years and said she loves using the “planning feature” to incorporate her content calendars. Her process includes planning campaigns throughout the month and laying out content and images that best represent her style and brand. 

Future projects

What’s the next big thing for Danielle? She’s excited to be launching a course platform for creators called “Creatorversity”—a university for creators and influencers. She’s been working on the project for a year and a half and it will launch on March 2, 2022.

Danielle said that the inspiration for the project stemmed from wishing she had tools and resources when she first started out as a creator. The community aspect of this paid video learning project will be a large part of the university—so that creators can help each other learn and grow. 

Marketing to clients

In addition to her travel influence on Instagram, Danielle also provides marketing, social media, and content creation services for a number of clients. Most of her clients have come from referrals, or simply from finding her on Instagram. 

 Some of the most incredible influencers are people that are trying to do some good in the world.” ~ Danielle
Danielle Muntain

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January 13, 2022

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