UNUM Case Study: Digital Agency Vivid Candi

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UNUM Case Study: Digital Agency Vivid Candi


As a full-service cloud-based digital tech agency, Vivid Candi is the largest digital agency in Malibu, California, handling the marketing campaigns and web development for national brands, billionaires, and celebrities. They were recently featured in Yahoo! Finance as the only digital agency that has thrived in Malibu for over twenty-two years.

We had an opportunity to speak with account manager Victoria Khaznadar to share her UNUM story. They have been a UNUM-user for two years with their marketing team using the tools everyday. They understand the importance of having all of your tools in one accessible interface.

Pain Points

Upon experimenting with several other popular Instagram and social media planners, for scheduling posts and branding, Victoria shared that their engagement statistics were maximized with UNUM. Victoria outlined the “very easy” onboarding of UNUM with the entire Vivid Candi team. Easily sharing inks with clients and planning captions for weeks and months in advance alleviated many of their previous pain points.


Victoria shared her team’s main indicators of success as engagement and reach of their social media content. This is the true “return on investment” for their clients that they seek to prioritize. UNUM has helped drive and increase such engagement. For example, one of their clients in the restaurant industry has tracked their marketing performance via website taps for booking a table reservation through their Instagram bio link. 

UNUM’s easy integration with Instagram and sharing of links with clients has been a key selling point for Vivid Candi. Victoria and her team utilize planning captions and hashtags for the next week or month.

Vivid Candi collage
“What I really like about UNUM is that we can have one account and all of our clients’ grids can be organized under this one account. UNUM saves us from having to juggle multiple accounts for each client, which I have have to do with other platforms and products”

Sign up for free today and discover the same magic in UNUM as Vivid Candi.


[Feature image by Bart Jaillet on Unsplash]

August 12, 2021

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