Elevate Your Content Strategy: Explore Our Latest Features

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Elevate Your Content Strategy: Explore Our Latest Features

In our relentless pursuit to empower your creativity and streamline your social media strategy, we at UNUM are thrilled to introduce a suite of powerful enhancements to UNUM Web. Designed with your feedback in mind, these new features are tailored to simplify your workflow and amplify your digital presence.

📦 Bulk Scheduling

You can now plan and schedule multiple posts simultaneously, and ensure they will go live during your optimal posting times.

📚 Media Library

Our revamped Media Library is more than just a storage solution. It’s a powerhouse tool that makes uploading, editing, and organizing your photos and videos smoother than ever. Whether you’re curating a month's worth of content or preparing for a major campaign, our enhanced uploading flows ensure that your best work is always at your fingertips, ready to be shared with the world.

🤖 AI Assistant

"generate a 7 day post strategy for nature photographer"
"add captions, and hashtags for all my posts" 
"make my feed black, and white" 

To further refine your strategy, UNUM Web now incorporates advanced AI capabilities. From generating post strategies for your brand to editing your photos, and feed. Our AI tool is like having a digital strategist in your pocket.

🚨🎉 COMING SOON: Instagram Account Tagging

In just a few days, you'll be able to directly tag up to 20 Instagram accounts from UNUM Web App. Simply head to the caption section, click on the 'tag icon', and enter the usernames you want to include. Perfect for collaborations and increasing engagement, this new feature allows you to save, schedule, or auto-post your content with all tags in place. (IOS coming soon!) 

🫂 Team Management

Explore UNUM Web

Explore these new features and discover how they can transform your social media workflow.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements because at UNUM, we believe in constant improvement and relentless innovation.

Let’s continue to shape the future of social media together. 🤝

April 19, 2024

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