UNUM Case Study: DTR Events Closing Contracts and Looking Fabulous

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UNUM Case Study: DTR Events Closing Contracts and Looking Fabulous

DTR Events is an event consulting agency that focuses on celebratory events in Houston, to corporate events in New York, and now all-inclusive consulting in Los Angeles. 

The DTR team utilizes the interdisciplinary value of creative marketing campaigns and event planning—the look and feel of a strong social media presence. 

The founder, Sandra Aderibigbe, shared that the integration of UNUM as a key source of growth and success for her team and clients.

UNUM helps me look a lot more professional as an agency.

“Excel-ing” to UNUM

Before UNUM, DTR was mapping their Instagram feeds with mock or burner accounts. This “very tedious” method required the balancing of excel spreadsheets for various pages and passwords. 

A very popular social media sharing tool was then integrated into the DTR marketing team, bridging their transition to the UNUM grid. Yet, Sandra shared that that platform was not as user friendly as UNUM due to limited number of users and lack of consistency.

Hours of time and an abundance of energy were still being put into each post and feed.

In seeking a tool to work for and organize her customers directly, Sandra incorporated UNUM for its variety of tools and onboarding simplicity.

During the decision-making process, Sandra was hesitant at first to pay extra to upgrade from the Elite to Team plan. She eventually justified this added investment in her brand for its value of saving time and energy.

As DTR began to expand with additional employees and clients, Sandra found UNUM as a solution to scaling her multiple brands and better organizing her clients’ accounts.

I don’t think that I would have been able to make any of my grids look as good or be as well-planned without UNUM.

Better than boards

Sandra notes that UNUM has brought ease and simplicity to getting her job done, especially from a visual perspective. Now, DTR only uses UNUM and Instagram for a direct-to-platform marketing process.

UNUM effectively allowed Sandra to highlight her own marketing and design skills to her clients, as she could share grids, add captions, and utilize color-mapping. “Before UNUM, I couldn't find any easy-to-use grid organization tool,” she shared with us. “[And] I love color mapping because it brings intentionality to my content strategies. I wouldn’t have really taken colors into consideration if it hadn’t been so accessible and easy.”

From creating customized storyboards with UNUM, to then presenting them to her clients, Sandra praised UNUM for elevating DTR’s professionalism. “My clients get excited when I share UNUM.”

Sandra will continue using UNUM across all of her brands. Eager for the current and future updates, Sandra correlates the growth of UNUM to a similar growth in her business success.

UNUM truly helps me close contracts.

September 9, 2021

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